Field Placement Opportunity for Advanced Year MSW students

The Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care is proud to announce a Field Placement Program for Advanced Year MSW students. The students accepted will represent each of the three regions, namely, the Eastern, Mid and South West, and Western States. This macro field placement offers students the opportunity to develop the associated skills and competencies in this targeted area of social work practice.

The following are the responsibilities for field practice (this is not an all-inclusive list):

  1. The social work intern may work with individual SSWLHC members and/or committee chairs, as part of research and/or interventions designed to address large-scale problems affecting the health care community. The intern will be responsible for preparing a ‘position’ paper for the Board and/or membership and following the recommendations of the SSWLHC president and Board Members.
  2. Learn and achieve basic competency in proposal writing.
  3. Learn and achieve basic competency in budgeting – possibly working with the Treasure on carefully chosen initiative.
  4. Work alongside members, The Board, and the SSWLHC’s managing agent – Fernley and Fernley in new membership drives and social media presence.
  5. Work with committee chairs, The Board, and/or individual members in evaluation research promoting SSWLHC objectives.
  6. Work with the SSWLHC managing agent – Fernley and Fernley to assist in board governance and committee support.
  7. Learn about creation of by-laws/policies for SSWLHC.
  8. Partner with MSW elected student in initiatives as directed by the President and/or their designee.

SSWLHC is forwarding the placement form to Field Education Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work to nominate students. Please feel free to forward this form to any educational institutions (must be School of Social Work). Forms must be completed by June 1, 2020.