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Degrees & Careers

A strong community creates success when its individuals support one another. A vital component of this support is the service of our social workers. With the Bureau of Labor’s growth projection of over 100,000 social workers by 2026, it is more important than ever to make sure our social workers have the tools they need to succeed.

SSWLHC supports free-to-use guides developed to help achieve this fundamental goal.


ACS Grant Opportunities
The American Cancer Society, the largest not-for-profit funding source for cancer research, is pleased to invite applications for the following grants to support training, research,  and career development in areas of interest to oncology social workers.

**Applicants must be citizens, non-citizen nationals or Permanent residents of the US.

Funding Opportunities for Training, Research, and Career Development

Eligibiity Award Name & Key Elements Annual Deadline Award Term & Funding

prepared field instructor with 2 years each of supervisory and oncology practice experience.

Master’s Training Grants in Clinical Oncology Social Work:
Awarded to institutions to support training of second year master’s degree students to provide psychosocial services to persons with cancer and their families.

October 15 only

One-year awards are made for $12,000 (trainee stipend of $10,000 and $2,000 for faculty/administrative support).

with 1 year of clinical experience in a health care setting. Must be currently enrolled in or applying to a doctoral degree program in an accredited school of social work.

Doctoral Training Grants in Oncology Social Work:
Support graduate students in doctoral programs focused on research related to the psychosocial needs of persons with cancer and their families.

October 15 only

Initial 2-year grant with annual funding of $20,000 with possibility of 2-year competitive renewal.

Postdoctoral fellows
with 0-4 years fellowship experience at time of expected award.

Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Supports 3 of any of first 5 years of postdoctoral fellowship.

October 15 & April 1

1 to 3 year grants with progressive stipends of $40,000, $42,000, and $44,000 per year, plus a $4,000 per year institutional allowance.

Junior clinical faculty
within the first 4 years of faculty appointment.

Mentored Research Scholar Grants in Applied and Clinical Research:
Supports mentored clinical, epidemiological, psychosocial, behavioral, health services, or health policy and outcomes research.

October 15 & April 1

Awards are for up to 5 years and for a maximum of $135,000 per year plus 8% allowable indirect costs. Up to $10,000 for support of the mentor may be included in the budget.

in the first six years of an independent research career or faculty appointment.

Research Scholar Grants in Cancer Control:
Psychosocial and Behavioral Research: Supports research projects in cancer control, psychosocial, and behavioral research, including epidemiologic approaches to psychosocial and behavioral research.

Research Scholar Grants in Cancer Control:
Health Policy and Health Services Research: Supports research projects in health services and health policy research.

Research Scholar Grants in Basic, Preclinical, Clinical, and Epidemiologic Research:
Supports research projects in basic, preclinical, clinical and epidemiologic research.

October 15 & April 1

Awards are for up to 4 years and for amaximum of $200,000 per year, plus 20% allowable indirect costs.

*Requests in excess of $150,000 (direct costs) for basic or preclinical research require a detailed justification.

Program Directors

Training Grants in Oncology Social Work
Virginia Krawiec, MPA, | 404-329-5734 |

Clinical and epidemiologic research
Ralph Vogler, MD, 404-329-7542 |

Cancer control, psychosocial, behavioral, health services, or health policy
Ronit Elk, PhD |404-417-5957 |

For More Information
visit* | 404-329-7558 |

* To access application information, select: Funding Opportunities; Index of Grants.”

Funding Opportunities for Social Work Training, Research, and Career Development

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    • The new open-access requirement (patient chart access)

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Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care Standards for Social Work Practice and Staffing in Children’s Hospitals

Social Work Best Practice Health Care Case Management Standards, written by the Coalition of Social Work Organizations/Associations

Social workers in health care are regularly confronted with patient care issues arising from domestic violence and child and elder abuse. Three new standards of care  have been developed to guide social work practice.