The Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care is an association of 500+ members who are dedicated to promoting the universal availability, accessibility, coordination, and effectiveness of healthcare, with a focus on the psychosocial components of health and illness.


As the premier national and international organization for social workers in health care, we will empower members by providing access to evidence-based standards of practice, enhanced partnerships and collaboration, actionable support and education for direct care social workers, advocacy to inform local and national social policy and education for and connection with emerging and established leaders.


To be the leading professional organization for social workers in healthcare.

Core Values


To use our individual and collective voices to influence change related to healthcare and social justice issues.

  • As an individual, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients
  • As a member of the Society, we join our fellow members in impacting social health issues
  • We recognize the value of strategic partners in having a greater voice on national and universal health issues


By our words and our actions, we honor the diversity of our clients, members, and all those with whom we interact.

  • We value the differences which make each of our members unique
  • We value the capacity of all social workers to be leaders in their respective field of practice regardless of role, function, or title
  • We search for leaders in our membership who bring these differences to the table


We are committed to being conscientious stewards of the resources of our organizations, our communities, and the Society.

  • Being conscious of the limited resources of our organizations, we are fair and honest in the delivery of service
  • We recognize the importance of partnering with others in our communities to avoid duplication of limited resources
  • We value the capacity of individuals to share their knowledge and experience with fellow professionals within the Society
  • We value the commitment of volunteer time required to accomplish the mission and vision of the Society


We value the ethics of the social work profession.

  • We believe we are accountable to each other to practice our values
  • We are open and honest in our communications
  • By our actions, we foster a trusting environment


We encourage creativity and exploration of new knowledge.

  • We encourage networking to assist members with problem resolution
  • We pursue personal growth and assist others to do so too
  • We value learning, creativity, and new ideas


The ability to respond quickly to a changing environment, both internally and externally.

  • We value the ability to respond timely to the changing needs of clients and families
  • We value the ability to respond timely to the needs of our members
  • We value the ability to respond timely to the changing needs of the profession