Kermit Nash Fund

The Multi-Ethnic Coalition of the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care have generously donated funds to honor the memory of Dr. Kermit B. Nash, former national Board Member, Hy Weiner Award member, a founding member of the Coalition and long time member of the society. In 1997, he was elected as national President-Elect but resigned due to illness before he could take office. Those who knew Kermit remember him as an articulate, passionate and committed human being with a zest for life. His charismatic personality made people want to be around him as was evidenced at annual meetings when he used the hotel lobby to “hold court”. He will be missed, but his memory will always be with us.

All donations will be used to purchase plaques to be presented to the person delivering the Kermit B. Nash Lecture at a designated session during each annual meeting. After your donation is processed you will receive a thank you letter which can be used for tax deduction purposes.