Strategic Planning Task Force Work Group Report

The Strategic Planning Task Force worked diligently over the past year, along with a consultant, to develop transformational and aspirational goals for the future of SSWLHC. The results of a comprehensive national survey of 1000 SSWLHC active and lapsed members along with non member social work professionals provided the framework and data for the task force to develop and implement specific action items that included  a proposed new mission, vision and values to guide the transformation of our organization. Additionally the task force created six work groups that worked on specific action items, recruiting members to join each group. Over 30 SSWLHC members volunteered to participate in these work groups.

The Strategic Planning task force recognizes that the proposed changes may take several years to reach fruition, as change is incremental, while maintaining constant perseverance, through periodic review, flexibility and a general fluidity in response to the day to day realities of our personal and professional lives.

The entirety of the Strategic Planning task force report can be found here for your review.