Health Care Social Work Leader of the Year Award

Established in 1981, this award recognizes a social work leader from any one of the wide range of health care settings in which social work is influential.

Award Purpose, Expectations of Nominees

This award honors a social work leader in health care who develops and implements creative and innovative ways to improve the delivery of social work services. In this context, leader refers to all social workers who have had central involvement in developing the improved delivery systems.

Award Criteria

In addition to demonstrating the characteristics of candidates for all Society awards (revised by the SSWLHC Board in 2003), the Health Care Social Work Leader of the Year recipient must an individual:

  • Works in a health care setting – long-term care, rehabilitation, ambulatory, behavioral health care, home care, etc.
  • Leads a health care social work program within the department or setting
  • Demonstrates excellence in leadership and skill in the solutions of complex psychosocial situations as a clinician, supervisor or consultant
  • Relates in an effective, assertive manner to all who are active in the social health care system- e.g., health care administrators, physicians and nurses, other professional or support staff, community agency personnel
  • Serves on organizational-wide committees such as performance improvement, length of stay initiatives, education, long-range planning, JCAHO preparation, etc.
  • Provides community service by serving on boards of directors of, or as a consultant to, social, health, education and other service-oriented groups
  • May have responsibility for the day to day supervision of staff
  • May offer direct social work services to clients

Winner Receives

  • Personalized, specially engraved award presented at the Opening Banquet dinner with five minutes to accept
  • One (1) complimentary guest ticket to the Opening Banquet dinner
  • Annual Meeting Conference Registration fee will be waived
  • Bulletin board at the conference

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1983Francis Littman
1984Gene C. Rifkin
1985Jane A. Collins
1986M. Susan Schneberger
1987C. Arlene Castanada
1988Michael King
1989Mary Ann Soerries
1990Charles S. Hughes
1991Virginia Vayda
1992Jeanette D. Perdue
1993Gail Rothrock
1994Barbara J. Cohn
1995Suzanne M. Hemp
1996Susan Saunders
1997Christopher Carpenter
1998Deborah Chesky
1999Roger Lamontagne
2000Sandra Ryant-Devine
2001Sarah A. Oland
2002Kathleen Krieg
2003Linda May Jones
2004Stephanie Lane Rakofsky
2005Daniel Reece
2006Kathleen M. Wa
2007Paula Crombie
2008Pamela Thompson
2009Rod Fifield
2010Judy Lukas Arnold
2011Margaret Meyer
2012Mary Norris Brown
2013Virna Little
2014Anthony Yamamoto
2015Carol Maxwell
2016Laura Taylor
2017Heather Brungardt
2018Lee Renee Lucas
2019 Jeanette Foster
2020Angela Alverado