54th Annual Meeting and Conference Winners Announced!

Ida M. Cannon Award
Winner: Tony Yamamoto, LCSW
This award honors a national figure in health care social work for outstanding contributions to the leadership of social work in a health care setting and to the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care. Candidates must be widely recognized leaders in the field of health care social work and demonstrate the qualities that made Ida Cannon successful as the first social work leader in health care.

Healthcare Social Worker of the Year Award
Winner: Jeanette Foster, MSW, LISW-S
This award honors a social work leader in health care who develops and implements creative and innovative ways to improve the delivery of social work services. In this context, leader refers to all social workers who have had central involvement in developing the improved delivery systems.

Award: Eleanor Clark Award
Winner: Chris McLaughlin, MSW, LCSW
This award honors an individual or team for the development, implementation and evaluation of a clinical or social action program that emulates Eleanor Clark’s spirit of discovery and innovation. In addition, the award seeks to promote the creative and valuable new programs throughout the health care field.Award: Ellen Perlman Simon Outstanding Mentor Award
Winner: Linda Brandeis, LICSW, ACSW
This award honors a leader in healthcare social work who supports new up-and-coming social workers in healthcare through promotion, guidance, and education. This recognized leader will have worked to cultivate and support future leaders in Social Work and Healthcare.

Congratulations to the winners! Awards will be presented to the winners throughout the conference.