Welcome SSWLHC’s 2018/2019 Student Board Member, Meredith Nelson!

SSWLHC is proud to welcome Meredith Nelson as the 2018/2019 SSWLHC Student Board Member.

Meredith’s term will start on July 1, 2018. She is currently applying for her Master’s of Social Work student at Columbia University. She has come into a master’s degree in Social Work in order to further her passion for healthcare. As a MSW student, she is interning at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, where she has experienced working as part of interdisciplinary teams on multiple wards including neurology, acute rehab, inpatient medicine and palliative care.

Prior to her education in Social Work, Meredith has experience working in hospitals for five years in the field of diagnostic imaging. There she discovered her interest in advocating and supporting others.

Within the industry, she has an interest in Social Work leadership, which has led her to attend several events sponsored by the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care over the past two years.

She is very interested in the field of psycho-oncology, and palliative care, and hope to pursue them throughout her career as a Social Worker.

Meredith Nelson Position Statement:

Health care social work requires leaders who are articulate, professional and able to use a team based approach. As a student, I would like to learn from leaders in the field and contribute perspectives from students and new graduates to the decisions being made at the Board level.  Additionally, I would like to have the opportunity to engage more students and new graduates in activities related to leadership of the profession.