The Mentorship Program provides members the opportunity to learn from other social work leaders and clinicians in health care or to serve as a mentor to colleagues developing their leadership skills.  The Program creates the foundation for a meaningful mentoring experience by fostering an intentional and purposeful relationship guided by clearly-defined goals.

Unlike clinical supervision, the mentor/mentee relationship is centered on and guided by specific deliverables and goals. Mentees may choose to utilize their mentors for guidance and consultation toward the completion of a project (deliverable), or may identify goals related to more global skill development. Deliverables are intended to encompass and develop core leadership skills such as navigating professional dilemmas, strategic planning, or staff development, to name just a few.

NOTE: Those applying for mentoring matches need to submit their applications by the end of the quarter (Jan.-March, April-June, July-Sept, Sept-Dec).  The committee will review all applications submitted during the quarter at the end of each quarter and then complete the matches.

The Mentor/Mentee relationship is non-evaluative and is not meant to serve as clinical supervision or consultation.

Application and Matching Process:
Apply for the mentorship program by clicking here.  The Mentorship Committee will review applications and make appropriate matches based on areas of interest and skill.  Participants will be notified via email of the match and provided with tools to assist with goal-setting and program structure.

Duration of the Program:
Participants are requested to commit to a six-month partnership with a minimum of one session per month.  The Mentorship Committee highly encourages interactive sessions using phone or electronic technology, which could include video conference (Skype or FaceTime) and in-person meetings if geographically feasible.

Participant Requirements:


  • Possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in a core mentorship/leadership topic area or in a leadership position
  • Are able to maintain professional/ethical boundaries as established by the NASW code of ethics
  • Must maintain SSWLHC Membership for duration of program
  • Agree to participate in a pre/post program survey


  • Must be able to maintain professional/ethical boundaries as established by NASW
  • Agree to develop a project or goal to focus the mentoring relationship.
  • Must maintain SSWLHC membership for the duration of program
  • Agree to participate in a pre/post program survey


Click Here for Mentorship Application

Questions? Please email the Mentorship Committee at