SSWLHC Strategic Planning Work Group Update

November 18, 2019

As the premier national and international organization for social workers in health care, we will empower members by providing access to evidence-based standards of practice, enhanced partnerships and collaboration, actionable support and education for direct care social workers, advocacy to inform local and national social policy and education for and connection with emerging and established leaders.

To be the leading professional organization for social workers in healthcare.

 – Forward thinking innovation
– Meaningful communication
– Financial stewardship
– Diversity and inclusivity

On behalf of the SSWLHC Strategic Planning Work Group I want to thank you for your input and feedback on our new Mission and Vision. All indications are that it is consistent with the work we have done to date and the membership survey results.

Throughout the next 12 months I will provide periodic updates on the progress of the work group as we begin this new journey. We will continue to ask for your feedback, reactions and participation as we approach critical markers for change, as proposed by the work group.

The next phase of our journey will be the establishment of several subject matter work groups.  We will be asking for volunteers, and recruiting members, to join these groups. The groups and proposed goals and objectives for each are:

New Professionals
 – Define the term (under 5 years post MSW, or other as determined by the group
– Identify strategies for recruitment of these potential members
– Identify targeted marketing strategies (how do we reach them)
– Determine the services they need and want
– Determine what our value proposition is
– Propose a realistic membership fee

Chapter Affiliation
 – Revise the business plan document for Chapter affiliations
– Identify strategies for engaging them in the strategic planning work

Direct practice
 – Develop products of value for direct practice SW
– Identify strategies to boost conference attendance for this group
– Understand how they might wish to participate in the work of the Society

Emerging leaders
 – Identify who these are
– Identify how the Society can cultivate their skills and professional growth
– Identify specific needs of this group
– Understand which products or workshop track would be of value to them, e.g., budgeting, finance, HR guide

Established Senior leaders
 – Determine what the value added for them would be in order to maintain membership
– Identify their needs as a cohort

Past Presidents
 – Identify ways for them to remain relevant and engaged in the work of the Society

We anticipate the groups will be up and running by early 2020. That’s all for now. Please continue to provide us with your reactions and feedback as we proceed.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Woomer, Chair
SSWLHC Strategic Planning Work Group