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SSWLHC is proud of its broad network of professionals and industry leaders in the healthcare field. There are many ways you can reach out to our members.

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The Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care and Headhunter.net bring you the best in online recruiting through the one site that gives you the  tools to take charge of your recruitment strategy. Finding new employees has never been easier! You can better target your postings, build your recruitment brand, and even beat the competition by making sure job seekers view your jobs first—in other words, at the one-stop shop for marketing your jobs online.

Classified ads will now be posted to SSWLHC’s new member online portal. To post an ad, you must create a new account with SSWLHC (if you do not have one already). See instructions below to create an account, post a job or search for a job.

Login or Create New Profile

Go to sswlhc.org and click the link within the box outlined in red titled “New Member Web Portal”.

From here you will have two choices:

  1. Login using the User ID and Password that were recently sent to you in your dues renewal notice (this should be the same User ID and Password that was originally assigned for you to use when accessing the SSWLHC Member’s Only Area of the website).
  2. If you don’t recall your User ID or Password or need to create a new account, instead of logging in on the web portal home page, look for the heading “Don’t Have an Account Yet?” and click the link titled “Sign up for an Individual Account”. Enter your email, first name, last name, and select “Create an Account”. (Continue following the bullets below for to complete the process.)
    • Enter login information in all required fields and click “Save my profile”
    • You have now successfully created your online profile

Post a Job

  1. To post a job, click on “Post a Job – Job Posting” link under “Career Center”
  2. Place all information in required fields and select “Confirm”
  3. Verify that all information is correct and select “Save and Continue Payment”
  4. Select “Job Posting ($150)” and click “Continue”
  5. Input payment information and click “Continue”
  6. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email receipt
  7. This job posting will be posted to the new member online portal for 90 days

Search a Job

  1. To search for a job, click on “Search Job Posting” under “Career Center”
  2. Input information in the necessary fields and click “Search”

Credit cards are the preferred method of payment. Checks will be accepted, but will require an addition $5 processing fee.

You can also download the Job Posting PDF and pay via credit or check, by clicking on the link to the insertion order below. Please fill out the required information and send to SSWLHC Headquarters.

If you need additional information please contact the SSWLHC office at 866-237-9542 or via email at info@sswlhc.org.


Reach approximately 500 SSWLHC members by renting our member list. For a nominal fee, you will receive ready-to-use laser labels for a single mailing.

Rate: Set of SSWLHC Membership Mailing Labels = $550

Mailing List Order Form - Download

Mailing List Order Form

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Our Annual Meeting and Educational Conferences throughout the year provide vendors with the perfect opportunity to reach masses of professionals through exhibiting, advertising or sponsorships. For more information, click here.

For more information, please email info@sswlhc.org.