Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a unique offering of the Society for Social Work Leadership in Healthcare that brings social workers together to explore and enhance our power to lead change in healthcare settings.  The program targets experienced leaders, developing leaders, formal leaders and informal leaders.

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The goals of the LI are to:

  • Appreciate, demonstrate and communicate the unique role of social work leaders and leadership in healthcare.
  • Identify assumptions about leadership; understand personal leadership styles and competencies.
  • Identify core leadership competencies and articulate ways to leverage them to achieve specific goals within their institutions.
  • Define and explore the relationship between core social work knowledge, skills and values and the practice of effective leadership behavior by social work professionals.

A Leadership Portfolio: The behavior and styles of leadership in practice, solution building and career development

A portion of social worker professionals demonstrate the behavior of leadership in what is thought of as “traditional” staff roles.  These professional exercise their leadership in the environment of direct service delivery by being effective influencers with patients, families and other colleagues and always “making a difference”.

Others, using the same leadership capabilities, advance to positions of greater organizational responsibility and accountability beyond social work.  A move from single discipline leader to one that includes diverse professions and even executive responsibilities are not uncommon.

Still other social work professionals will transition to use their leadership capabilities in roles that represent a positional move up, down, laterally; from one specialty domain to another, from full to part time and even into an “active retirement”

All these pathways recognize that leadership behavior is embedded in the practice of social work core knowledge, skills and values. The social work profession centers on the foundation principle of relationship fit between an individual and their environment. Leadership behavior is about relationships. It is the ability to accomplish things with and through others.

For any questions regarding the Leadership Institute, please reach out to Tim Morrison.