Utah Chapter

The Utah Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care, founded in 1987, is a statewide organization that values and strives to promote and support the development of social work leaders in all areas of health care.  We emphasize the vital contribution social workers have on increasing wellness in health care.  Our strength in meeting these goals is due to our outstanding members, offering educational opportunities, and advocacy for positive change in our field.

Reduced cost Continuing Education Credits

Monthly CEU opportunities

Networking and connections with other social work healthcare professionals

Monthly lunch and learns beginning in January (free for society members)

Full day conference August 9, 2018

For more information, contact the chapter at:

President: Katelyn Peterson

Membership Application

2016-2017 Membership Fees

  • LCSW fee: $60
  • CSW fee: $50
  • SSW fee: $40
  • LCSW,CSW, or SSW (Retired) fee: $30

The going rate for CEUs is $10 per CEU. Membership fees and the conference are the only two income sources our local chapter has to sustain our programming. We hope that you continue to find good value in your membership fee as it would translate to $2-6 per CEU depending on how many activities you attend.

Current CEU offerings

1/2 day Seminars (3-4 CEU’s): up to 2 times per year

Up to 10 Lunch and Learns throughout the year (1-10 CEUs)

TOTAL: ~ 30-34 CEUs (if you attend all offerings)

 Note of clarification: USSWLHC membership covers the Utah chapter activities ONLY. To belong to the SSWLHC National Organization requires a separate membership.